About Us

Welcome to Careerfolio, the networking platform for the self-employed or those seeking to become self-employed. If you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, a side hustler, or a squiggly careerist, Careerfolio is the platform to build a portfolio career and sell your skills through products, bookable services, collaborative projects, and/or jobs. 

Careefolio is a UK company founded in 2021 at Plymouth, Devon, by Christopher A. Siaw (Ph.D.) a marketing academic at the University of Plymouth. Christopher’s interest in how people can connect the dots between their profession, vocation, passion, and mission to achieve greater self-fulfilment inspired the foundation of Careerfolio.

At Careerfolio, you can: 

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Vision: Empower all persons in the workforce, who have a desire, to self-manage and advance their career in a direction of self-fulfilment.  

Mission: Connect the self-managed professional to opportunities that can unlock or enhance the economic potentials of their productive capacity.